In the Czech Republic, two bloggers were sentenced to prison for speaking about refugees from Ukraine

In the Czech Republic, two bloggers were sentenced to prison for speaking about refugees from Ukraine

One has to spend ten months in prison, and the other – six.

Patrik Tushl and Tomas Cermak / photo Novinky

In the Czech Republic, a hearing was held in the case of public expression of hatred towards Ukrainian refugees by two bloggers. Both will serve time in prison for what they said in one of the videos. The first must serve ten months behind bars, and the second – six.

As the portal reports News, Patrik Tushl and Tomasz Cermak were brought to court under escort. The bloggers were sentenced on the day of the hearing. The first will be sentenced to ten months in prison, and the second will be behind bars for six months.

In response to the indictment, Tushl stated that he had no complaints against Ukrainians in general. However, he opposes the actions of some nationalists from Ukraine. He apologized for the profanity in the video and admitted that the format of the video was not suitable for expressing his position. However, Tuschl does not feel guilty for hate speech. Chermak called the speech inappropriate and stated that he had made a mistake.

According to the data in the indictment, in August, two bloggers broadcast videos on their own social networks where they insulted Ukrainians. For example, men were called to respond with their own demonstrations to the rallies of the citizens of our country.

And Chermak declared: “Ukrainians are starting to multiply here, one demonstration after another. We must act now, otherwise we will end up in hell.”

Bloggers also used insults against Ukrainians. The accusation of the Czech court is not final and may be appealed.

Cases of improper treatment of Ukrainians abroad

  • In September, a woman hit a Ukrainian child on board a flight from Vienna to Valencia. She turned out to be a Russian woman who was arrested after landing.
  • An equally scandalous incident occurred in mid-September in Estonia. A citizen of the Russian Federation began to insult Ukrainian refugees on the beach in Tallinn. For this, he was deprived of a permanent residence permit.
  • In France, the manager of one of the Parisian restaurants kicked out a Ukrainian woman from the establishment with the words “Vive Putin”. Later, he tried to justify himself to a man from Ukraine. Meanwhile, the institution received thousands of negative reviews on the Google search network.

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