In the Kharkiv region, a bridge destroyed by the occupiers is being rebuilt


In the Kharkiv region, builders are working on the capital reconstruction of artificial structures, without which traffic on the roads of state importance in the Kharkiv region is impossible. These are the objects that were destroyed since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Russia.

This is reported by the Service for Reconstruction and Development of Infrastructure in the Kharkiv Region.

What works are being carried out now:

β–ͺ️ organization of the construction site

β–ͺ️ arrangement of foundations and new supports and span structures

β–ͺ️ arrangement of approaches

In the Izyum district, the builders are installing two metal corrugated pipes on the site of the destroyed bridge.

At the beginning of the full-scale invasion, 27 artificial structures were destroyed in Kharkiv region. 25 temporary crossings were built to bypass the destroyed bridges.

A bridge destroyed by the occupiers is being rebuilt in Kharkiv Oblast 9

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