In the Kharkiv region, the police exhumed the body of a man tortured by the Russians


In the village of Savyntsi, the police recovered the body of a man tortured by the Russians.

He was buried during the occupation at the central cemetery, she said press office police of the Kharkiv region.

Witnesses say that there were huge hematomas and bruises on the body, traces of ropes on the hands.

59-year-old Yuriy Kryvych was a businessman, an ardent supporter of Ukraine. This did not sit well with some locals. His brother Ihor told about it.

“He had a conflict with local residents the day before, they threatened that he was not behaving properly, since he had his own business, there was a conflict about who is the owner,” Ihor Kryvych said. – He was promised that they would come and sort out the property, well, they sorted it out.”

Neighbors reported that on April 27 of last year he was taken by the Russian military from the so-called LNR, and within a day the man’s body was found in the yard.

The deceased was buried on May 2, 2022. Igor agreed to the exhumation of his brother in order to find out the true cause of his relative’s death.

Investigators and criminologists of the investigative department of the Main Directorate in the Kharkiv region worked at the burial site.

According to Hanna Ponomarenko, the senior investigator in particularly important cases of the investigative department of the police of the Kharkiv region, there is no doubt that it was the Russian military who committed this crime.

After all, the events unfolded during the occupation, and this is indicated by witnesses.

The recovered body was sent for forensic examination.

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