In the Russian Federation, it was proposed to create a “ministry of happiness”


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The speaker of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation, Valentina Matvienko, spoke in favor of creating a “ministry of happiness” on the territory of the occupying country.

The statement of the Russian official was quoted by the propaganda portal TASS.

According to her, such a “ministry” should make the inhabitants of the occupying country “happier”.

“I dream and even suggested: let’s create a Ministry of Happiness in Russia. The department through which all decisions, all laws will pass on the subject of whether this new law or new government regulation makes people happier.”Matvienko said.

She also wants Russia to adopt a “law on universal happiness.” At the same time, Matvienko admitted that she has a “small support group” on these issues.

“Join, please. I think that the time will come when we in Russia will create a Ministry of Happiness.” – said the representative of the aggressor country.

We will remind you that last fall, Matvienko invented an alternative to Zelenskyi’s negotiations with Putin.

Earlier it was reported that the State Duma proposed to distribute Ukrainian lands to soldiers of the occupation army.

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Source: In the Russian Federation, it was proposed to create a “ministry of happiness”


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