In Ukraine, they want to reduce the number of higher educational institutions


The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Science of Ukraine is talking about intentions to reduce the number of higher education institutions in Ukraine. Such drastic changes are associated with the demographic situation in the state.

It is reported RBC-Ukraine with reference to a specialized educational publication

Deputy Minister of Education and Science Mykhailo Vynnytskyi said that today there is a problem with the number of higher education institutions in Ukraine.

This has become a problem because of recent negative demographic trends.

That is, it becomes simply unprofitable for the state to maintain a large number of universities.

“The number of higher education institutions has decreased very little over the past 15 years. 15 years ago, the average number of students per higher education institution was 6.5 thousand students, today it is 3.5 thousand.

Demography shows that next year we will not have more 17-year-olds,” Vynnytskyi believes.

In his opinion, the demographic situation in Ukraine will only get more complicated in the next 15 years.

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