In Yerevan, people are rallying for Armenia's exit from the CSTO

In Yerevan, people are rallying for Armenia’s exit from the CSTO

Today, September 18, a rally for the country’s withdrawal from the Collective Security Treaty organization was held in the capital of Armenia, Yerevan.

About this are reported in the publication Novosti Armenia.

The rally was organized by the National Democratic Pole and the European Party. The protest was a reaction to the organization’s refusal to help Armenia in the conflict with Azerbaijan. The protesters are calling for withdrawal from the CSTO and the start of negotiations with other allies to create a new security system.

It should be noted that Armenia, turning to the CSTO, was counting on the provision of military and military-political assistance for the protection of its sovereignty and the withdrawal of Azerbaijani troops from its sovereign territory.

«A rally was held on France Square in Yerevan demanding the Armenian leadership withdraw from the Collective Security Treaty Organization. Taking into account the hostilities between Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan, the dismantling of the CSTO becomes a reality. Russia’s influence, given Kazakhstan’s démarche, is melting before our eyes. Turkey is becoming the main player in the Caucasus», – reported military journalist Andrii Tsaplienko.

Note that the Collective Security Treaty Organization is a military-political international organization that includes Belarus, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, and Tajikistan. Russia presents the CSTO as a real alternative to NATO.

We will remind, on the night of September 13, hostilities started again on the border between Azerbaijan and Armenia. In particular, shelling from mortars and heavy artillery began.

The Collective Security Treaty Organization has decided to send the secretary general of the organization to the Karabakh conflict zone of Armenia and Azerbaijan and prepare a detailed report for the heads of state.

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Fuente: In Yerevan, people are rallying for Armenia’s exit from the CSTO

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