In Zhytomyr region, 63% of the housing damaged by the Russians was restored


On the progress of restoration of damaged objects on Sunday, October 8, 2023, at a briefing in the regional military administration told Natalia Ostapchenko, first deputy head of the OVA. The record is publicly available.

“Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, the largest destruction in the region among civil infrastructure objects was the housing stock, which is almost 87%. In twenty territorial communities of the region, 3,380 private and 336 multi-apartment residential buildings were destroyed to varying degrees. To date, 63% of the damaged housing has been restored . Namely, 2,198 private houses and 155 multi-story residential buildings were repaired, of which 815 private houses and 61 multi-story residential buildings were restored in 2023,” Ostapchenko noted.

According to the deputy head of the OVA, UAH 128 million was spent on the restoration of the housing stock from the state and local budgets. In particular, more than 8,000 square meters of damaged buildings were replaced with budget funds. m of metal-plastic windows, glazing of almost 4.5 thousand sq. m. m of windows in wooden frames, almost 60 thousand sq. m. m of roof and 2.5 thousand square meters. m of facades.

Also at the briefing, the communities of the region where the most houses were restored were named.

“With the funds of all sources of financing, the most houses were restored in Malynska hromada – 721 houses, in Narodytska – 610, in Ushomirska – 159, in Ovrutska – 145, in Korostenska – 131, and in the regional center – 138 houses,” Nataliya Ostapchenko listed.

The deputy head of the OVA reminded that today the restoration of the housing stock takes place primarily through the state program “eRenovation”, which has already been used by more than half a thousand residents of the region.

“To date, residents of the region have submitted 512 applications with the help of this service, of which 319 positive decisions have been made. The owners of 290 houses have already received funds for carrying out repair work in the total amount of UAH 26.5 million to their card accounts,” Nataliya Ostapchenko emphasized.

The regional military administration keeps under constant control the work of commissions formed by local self-government bodies to consider citizens’ appeals.

“I appeal to the heads of territorial communities with a request to speed up the consideration of applications from victims and remind that the untimely consideration by the commission of applications submitted by citizens entails the administrative responsibility of the heads of these communities and officials of local self-government bodies responsible for processing applications in accordance with the Constitution of Ukraine, the law of Ukraine” About local self-government” and others”, concluded the first deputy head of the OVA Nataliya Ostapchenko.



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