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Magda told about it on Espresso.

“For him (Viktor OrbΓ‘n, – ed.) everything revolves around money. Ukraine was such a marker for him, that’s why he says that they (representatives of Hungary in the EU, – ed.) will not allow Ukraine to issue 50 billion euros for 4 years. Why? Because Hungary wants to receive the money that is blocked due to its problems with democracy from the pan-European post-Covid recovery funds. Hungary will not receive it,” said the executive director of the World Policy Institute.

Magda emphasized that this money is very important for the head of Hungary.

“He is creating a scheme: until you give us European money, we will “quack” for Russian money. Since the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Hungary has already visited Moscow several times since February 24, 2022, it seems 4 times, I think that there agreement on the supply of Russian energy resources, so they use it as an element of flirting with the Russian Federation,” he explains.

At the same time, Hungary perceives Ukraine as a competitor.

“It (Hungary, – ed.) will cling to its position and seek support among at least the countries of the Visegrad Four – Bulgaria, Romania, that is, among the neophytes of the European Union. Therefore, we need to talk with the Visegrad Four, maybe with the Bucharest Nine, about that we need their support. We should reach out, not just criticize Orban, we should talk about things that resonate in the hearts of local voters,” Magda stressed. “Because all European politicians are sensitive to voters, and Orban is no exception. He won the parliamentary elections in April 2022 with the thesis that he would not allow Hungary to be drawn into Russia’s war with Ukraine, and he is using this very actively at the moment. We also have to take this into account.”

  • Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orban on October 26 statedwhich is ready for negotiations with Ukraine regarding the lifting of the veto on EU military aid.
  • Orban also said that he is proud of his contacts with Russian President Vladimir Putin, whom he met in China in October.
  • Politico reported that OrbΓ‘n and Fico blocked 50 billion euros in aid to Ukraine at a summit of EU leaders.
  • On November 9, the Bloomberg agency reported that the EU is developing an alternative plan to help Ukraine in the event of Hungary’s veto.



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