Intelligence of Belarus is impudent – they are trying to recruit citizens of Lithuania right at the border – news from Ukraine, World


The Lithuanian State Security Department (DSB) warns that the Belarusian special services have begun to act extremely aggressively and are trying to pressure Lithuanian citizens to cooperate right at the border. About it informs

Lithuanian citizens who travel to Belarus are interrogated at border points, they are forced to cooperate with the Belarusian special services through blackmail and psychological pressure, the press release of the DGB says.

It is noted that the special services of Belarus check the computers and mobile phones of Lithuanians, the contacts contained in them, social media accounts, photos and recorded routes.

During interviews, intelligence officers collect information about the political affiliations and places of work of Lithuanian citizens, and try to establish their connections with border, law enforcement and intelligence officers.

In a number of cases, the State Security Service notes, Lithuanians were banned from entering Belarus after they were “convicted” of supporting Ukraine and condemning Russian aggression. At the same time, they were told that the ban on entry into Belarus could be lifted if they agreed to cooperate with the Belarusian special services.

The Lithuanian Foreign Ministry recommends avoiding travel to both Belarus and Russia, and points out that the majority of identified cases of recruitment and espionage are associated with individuals who were recruited while visiting these countries.

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