Invaders fire at Burshtyn TPP, fire breaks out

Invaders fire at Burshtyn TPP, fire breaks out

Russian invaders launched a missile attack on Burshtyn thermal power plant, resulting in a fire, head of Ivano-Frankivsk regional military administration Svitlana Onischuk said.

“Today, our region has been under rocket attacks. The invaders hit Burshtyn thermal power plant, which resulted in a fire. All services are working, rescuers are on the spot. Thank God, there are no casualties. Once again, I ask you to react to air danger signals,” she said.

Onischuk recalled that the road near Burshtyn TPP is blocked, a detour was organized in the surrounding villages.

The head of the administration also said that due to the fact that earlier citizens had responded to the authorities’ call to save electricity, they had already managed to reduce its consumption by 15%.

“But now we need to continue the economical consumption of electricity. I ask everyone to limit the use of electrical appliances that consume a lot of energy from 17:00 to 23:00,” she stressed.


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