Iran: Allegations of Iranian drone use in Ukraine 'confirm their effectiveness' - Ukraine News, Politics

Iran: Allegations of Iranian drone use in Ukraine ‘confirm their effectiveness’ – Ukraine News, Politics

Iran Allegations of Iranian drone use in Ukraine confirm their

Iran’s chief of staff, Gen. Mohammad Bagheri, said that allegations of Russia’s use of Iranian-made drones against Ukraine are “proof of the effectiveness” of Iranian weapons. His statement quoted by Radio Liberty with reference to the Iranian agency Tasnim.

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Bagheri recalled that the West and Ukraine constantly accuse Iran of supplying Russia with kamikaze drones.

“Despite the fact that many of these claims are not true, their very appearance testifies to the effectiveness, importance and high level of Iranian drones,” the general said.

December 22 President Vladimir Zelensky Speaking in the US Congress, he said that “two terrorist states, Russia and Iran, found each other in aggression against Ukraine, and now it’s only a matter of time before they unite against someone else.”

  • Until early November, Iran denied that it had transferred the drones to the Russian Federation, but on November 9, the country’s foreign minister acknowledged the deliveries. This allegedly happened even before February 24 and “in small quantities.” The president Zelensky called it a lie.
  • After accusations of supporting the occupiers, the Iranian authorities began to threaten Zelensky.
  • According to the GUR, Russia bought 1,700 Shahed-136 kamikaze drones from Iran and is receiving them in tranches.

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