Iran denies Russia using its satellite for war in Ukraine - Ukraine news, Politics

Iran denies Russia using its satellite for war in Ukraine – Ukraine news, Politics

Iranian experts will control the satellite that Russia is to launch for Iran next week from day one. Tehran has denied reports that its satellite will be used by Moscow to enhance surveillance of military targets in Ukraine. About it says in a statement from the Iranian Space Agency (IKA).

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“All orders related to the management and operation of this satellite will be carried out and given from the first day and immediately after launch by Iranian specialists based at Iranian … space bases,” the IKA said.

Earth remote sensing satellite Khayyam will be launched into orbit by a Soyuz rocket from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan on 9 August.

An Aug. 4 story in The Washington Post claimed that Russia plans to use the satellite for months or more to aid its military efforts in Ukraine before allowing Iran to take control of it.

The ICA rejected these claims as untrue and stated that no third country could access the information sent by the satellite due to its encrypted algorithm.

The IKA insists that Khayyam is unsuitable for military purposes of other countries.

His images will be used to improve management and planning in various areas of agriculture, natural resources, environment, water resources, mines and border control.

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