Iran may receive warships as part of a military alliance with Russia

Iran may receive warships as part of a military alliance with Russia

About this reports Breaking Defense citing Israeli sources.

Tehran is developing both a nuclear and missile program, as well as a program to significantly increase its fleet.

At the first stage, Iran wants to purchase Russian ships, and later to attract Russian specialists to develop its naval programs. However, the task is complicated by the fact that Tehran’s resources are by no means limitless, and investments in the military fleet mean a reduction in investments in the missile program.

Admiral Eliezer Marom, a former commander of Israel’s navy, said Iran had counted on China to help it build a navy, but Beijing had refused to share technology. The war in Ukraine gave Tehran the opportunity to make the same request to Russia.

  • It will be recalled that on December 9, sources in the US administration reported that Russia is providing Iran with airplanes, helicopters and air defense systems in exchange for drones.
  • Russia has promised Iran, in exchange for ballistic missiles, to bring Tehran’s military support to an unprecedented level.

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