Iran's transfer of drones to Russia is violation of resolution No. 2231

Iran’s transfer of drones to Russia is violation of resolution No. 2231

Iran’s delivery of drones of the Mohajer and Shahed series is a violation of resolution 2231, it was stated at a briefing of the UN Security Council (UNSC) on the humanitarian situation in Ukraine.

“(…) Since August and in violation of the UN Security Council Resolution 2231 – Iran has transferred Mohajer- and Shahed-series UAVs to Russia. These Iranian-origin UAVs have been subsequently used in multiple attacks against Ukraine, including the massive barrage on October 10, which hit civilians and civilian infrastructure. In addition to the easily identifiable remnants of these UAVs recovered in Ukraine, there is significant publicly available documentation, including photographs and video, of these UAVs being used against Ukraine,” a message posted on Friday night reads.

In addition, it is noted that Russia’s forces hit civilian infrastructure and humanitarian convoys “with renewed relentlessness, undermining the civilian population’s ability to survive cold winter temperatures.”

“The UN must investigate any violations of UN Security Council resolutions. And we must not allow Russia or others to impede or threaten the UN from carrying out its mandated responsibilities,” the message says.


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