Israel announced a retaliatory attack on Lebanon


Israeli forces said that Lebanon had struck their territory, so they retaliated.

About this informs GULL.

The Israel Defense Forces announced that they struck Lebanon with artillery on the morning of October 8. However, this was preceded by mortar fire from their side.

Later, the IDF announced that it struck the infrastructure of Hezbollah militants in the area of ​​Mount Har Dov on the Israeli-Lebanese border with a drone.

Β«The IDF has taken preparatory measures for this kind of possibility and will continue to operate in all regions and at all times to ensure the safety of Israeli civilians“, the message adds.

We will remind, on the evening of October 7, the Israel Defense Forces entered all its cities on the border with the Gaza Strip, which were previously captured by Hamas militants. Later, it was reported that the country’s defense army had regained control over most of the southern settlements, and had also established a closed zone in the Gaza Strip.

At the same time, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that the country is entering a “long and difficult war” imposed by the Hamas attack.

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Source: Israel announced a retaliatory attack on Lebanon


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