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Embassy of Ukraine in Israel criticized the government of the country for signing an agreement with the Russian Federation on cooperation in the field of film production. The agreement was signed yesterday, September 6, the day Russia killed 16 people with artillery in Konstantinovka, Donetsk region.

β€œWe no longer know how to comment. On the same day that a Russian missile hit a crowded market in the Donbass region of Ukraine, again killing and injuring dozens of innocent civilians, the Israeli government signed a film cooperation agreement with Russian propagandists,” stated at the embassy.

The diplomats stressed that at a time when Russia is daily intensifying its attacks on Ukraine, claiming the lives of innocent people, Israel is cooperating β€œwith this ruthless country, well known for its cinematic efforts aimed at spreading war propaganda.”

β€œWhile the international community isolates Russia to demonstrate that its actions are unacceptable to a civilized society, it appears that Israel is offering an aggressive federation additional platforms to spread its toxic ideas,” the embassy said.

Ukrainian diplomats have called on the Israeli government to β€œfinally realize” that the right course is to focus on the injustices committed by the Russian leadership, rather than signing dubious agreements with it.

In the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation reportedthat the agreement was signed by the ministers of the two countries, and negotiations lasted almost 15 years.

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