Israel rejects US request to transfer Spike-Axios missiles to Ukraine - Ukraine news, Politics

Israel rejects US request to transfer Spike-Axios missiles to Ukraine – Ukraine news, Politics

Israel has rejected a US request to allow Berlin to supply Ukraine with Spike anti-tank missiles manufactured in Germany under Israeli technology and license. This is reported Axios with reference to representatives of the United States and Israel.

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As noted, under pressure from the administration of US President Joe Biden, Tel Aviv adjusted its policy towards Moscow and gradually took a more pro-Ukrainian stance compared to when Russia launched a full-scale invasion. However, Israel did not supply modern weapons to Ukraine.

Israeli Defense Ministry Director-General Amir Eshel visited Washington two weeks ago for talks with Pentagon officials on security cooperation between the US and Israel, according to Axios.

US Under Secretary of Defense for Policy Colin Kahl met with Eshel and, according to Axios sources, asked if Israel would give Germany permission to transfer Spike anti-tank missiles to Ukraine.

These missiles are manufactured in an Israeli-owned factory in Germany. Under the license, Israel must approve any transfer of missiles to a third party.

Eshel denied the request, officials said, telling Kahl that Israel would only supply Ukraine with non-lethal military equipment.

As noted, a senior Israeli official said Tel Aviv was concerned that Russian soldiers would be killed with Israeli-made weapons, which could lead to Russia damaging Israel’s security interests in Syria.

Israeli officials said when Israeli Defense Secretary Benny Gantz visited Washington last week, the issue of missile deliveries was not discussed in his meetings with Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin and White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan.

REFERENCE. Spike – Israeli multifunctional anti-tank missile system. Developed by Rafael, produced under license in Europe.

  • On May 19, it was reported that Israeli clinics would accept wounded Ukrainians for treatment and continue to help patients with oncology.

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