Israel will not end the war in the Gaza Strip until it returns all the hostages, – IDF |


After the ceasefire with Hamas, the Israeli military will immediately return to striking the Gaza Strip.

This was stated by the Chief of Staff of the IDF, Lieutenant General Herzi Halevi, reports RBC-Ukraine with reference to The Times of Israel.

Halevi said the ceasefire and hostage deal would not have happened without IDF pressure on Hamas.

“We are not going, we are not willing and we are not ready to stop these efforts until we return all the hostages… It is our moral duty to return them,” he said.

According to Halevi, the IDF will take advantage of the pause in hostilities to learn, better prepare its capabilities, and also to rest a bit.

“And immediately after the end of the truce, we will return to attacks on Gaza, to maneuvers in Gaza. We will do this in order to eliminate Hamas.

And also in order to create a lot of pressure to return as hostages as soon as possible, every last one.

We have a duty to fight and risk our lives so that Israelis can return and live in safety. And we have hostages, and we will do everything to bring them home,” Halevi added.

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