It became known how many Russian vehicles were hit by UAVs from the “Army of Drones”


photo Mikhailo Fedorov/Telegram

Strike units, to which drones are regularly handed over as part of the “Drone Army” project, hit 280 units of Russian equipment in three months.

This was reported by the Deputy Prime Minister for Innovations, Development of Education, Science and Technologies – Minister of Digital Transformation Mykhailo Fedorov on Telegram on Wednesday, September 6.

“UAV strike companies of the Drone Army hit 1,280 units of Russian equipment in three months”– he wrote.

According to Fedorov, 246 tanks, 389 armored combat vehicles, 126 guns, 325 trucks and other enemy equipment were among the damaged equipment.

In addition, thanks to the skill of UAV operators, 631 soldiers of the Russian army were hit and destroyed.

“Such cool results are possible thanks to the systematic work of professional fighters. 17 UAV strike companies have already been formed with the Drone Army”the minister noted.

According to him, they are working under a new doctrine for the use of drones on the front and have a new approach to training and management.

We will remind you that in August, the “Army of Drones” sent a new large batch of UAVs to the front. It was also reported that Ukraine already uses the American Vampire anti-drone systems.

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Source: It became known how many Russian vehicles were hit by UAVs from the “Army of Drones”


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