It became known what other games will be given away for free in the Epic Games Store before the New Year - UNIAN

It became known what other games will be given away for free in the Epic Games Store before the New Year – UNIAN

The information was shared by a verified insider.

Severed Steel / фото Greylock Studio Severed Steel / фото Greylock Studio

The FIST: Forged In Shadow Torch giveaway started today on the Epic Games Store. This is already the twelfth free game that Epic Games gave away as part of the New Year promotion, and there are three more projects ahead. Their names are not officially disclosed, but the information was still leaked to the Internet. The verified insider billbil-kun told about the next two gifts.

There is no reason not to trust the informant. He regularly publishes information about selections of free games on PlayStation Plus before the official announcement. And exactly car car-only was the first to talk about the New Year’s promotion in the Epic Games Store, when it had not yet been officially announced.

What games will be distributed in EGS

Tomorrow, December 27th, Severed Steel will be free. This is a fast-paced shooter from Greylock Studio and Digerati. The main features of the game are the ability to perform acrobatic tricks in battles and the absence of reloading. Since the main character has only one hand, she must constantly take weapons from opponents.

The shooter also implemented a dynamic team AI, which guarantees unique sensations from each battle. And the ability to destroy the voxel environment and the drawn style should enhance the pleasant feelings of the gameplay.

And on December 28, users will be able to get Mortal Shell, an action RPG in the spirit of Dark Souls from Cold Symmetry and Playstack, in the Epic Games Store. The game is made according to the canons of FromSoftware projects — there are powerful enemies and bosses, save and recovery points, loss of accumulated resources after death and confusing locations.

The main feature of Mortal Shell is changing shells. The latter act as analogs of character classes. After choosing one of them, the appearance, parameters and weapons of the main character change.

Regarding the final free project, billbil-kun stated, “I’ll keep the last game(s) as a surprise, this franchise (which I’m a fan of) doesn’t deserve to be leaked.”

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