It will be +32° again in Ukraine


Dry and warm weather will remain in Ukraine until the end of the week.

Summer heat is expected in southern Ukraine and the Azov region / photo

Dry and warm weather will remain in Ukraine until the end of this week. In some places, thermometers will rise to +30°…+32°. At the end of the week, the pressure will begin to fall, but still no precipitation is forecast. This is reported by weather forecaster Ihor Kibalchich, reports “Meteoprog“.

Weather on September 7

On Thursday, according to the forecaster, the weather will be warm and sunny. The air temperature at night will be a fresh +11…+16 °С, and during the day the thermometers in most regions will show a comfortable +23…+28 °С. At the same time, it will warm up to +32 °С in the southern regions and in the Azov region.

Weather on September 8

“On Friday, September 8, the anticyclone will continue to determine the weather conditions in Ukraine. Cloudy, dry and warm weather is expected here,” says the forecaster.

The wind will be northeasterly, 5-10 m/s, but separate gusts up to 15-17 m/s are possible in the Crimea and the Azov region. The air temperature at night will fluctuate between +11…+16 °С, in the Carpathians, northern and eastern regions it will drop to +6…+11 °С. During the day, the air will warm up to +23…+28 °С, and in the extreme south and in the Crimea it will be summer +30…+31 °С in places.

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Weekend weather

“On the weekend of September 9-10, the influence of the anticyclone will remain. Despite the fact that the atmospheric pressure will begin to gradually decrease, conditions for precipitation are not expected. All atmospheric fronts will be far away from the borders of Ukraine, and rather low relative humidity will prevent the formation of significant cloud cover , so the weather will remain sunny in most regions,” Ihor Kibalchich explained.

The wind, according to him, will be variable, weak. The air temperature at night will be +10…+15 °C, and during the day it will warm up to +24…+29 °C.

According to forecasters of the Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Center, an anticyclone will affect the weather in Ukraine this week. Thanks to it, calm and dry weather is expected with comfortable temperature values: at night it will be up to 10-15°, and during the day it is expected to be around 21-27°.

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