"It will not be possible to sit down": the Ministry of Foreign Affairs responded to Szijharto's statement about the weakening of the EU due to the war in Ukraine

“It will not be possible to sit down”: the Ministry of Foreign Affairs responded to Szijharto’s statement about the weakening of the EU due to the war in Ukraine

Attempts to destroy internal unity lead to the weakening of the European Union, not the war in Ukraine.

This was stated by the speaker of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Oleg Nikolenko.

This is how he responded to the latest statement by the head of the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Peter Szijjártó: “The war in Ukraine led to a catastrophic weakening of Europe and the European Union. We must tell the truth that EU leaders have failed to protect the people of Europe from paying for a war for which they are not responsible at all.”.

Nikolenko urged not to forget that Ukrainians pay with their lives so that people in the rest of Europe do not see the horrors of war.

Szijarto explained why Hungary did not allow weapons to be transported to Ukraine through its territoryAccording to the minister, if weapons were supplied through the Hungarian-Ukrainian border, this territory would become a target for Russia. But 150,000 Hungarians live in western Ukraine.
July 6, 2022, 11:04 am

“Russian aggression is hybrid. It is not reduced only to the military component. Russians attack Ukrainian cities and villages with cruise missiles and tanks, and EU countries with sky-high gas prices and propaganda”Nikolenko wrote.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs recalled how three months before the full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Russia began to blackmail European consumers with the supply of energy resources and high prices.

“There is no ‘this is not our war.’ There is no “their war”. Russia’s attack on Ukraine is an attack on the entire democratic world, democratic values, the right to be yourself and determine your own future. It is in vain to hope that it will be possible to sit down; to pretend that what is tearing your neighbor to pieces does not concern you. This cannot be so, at least because of the fact that over 150,000 Ukrainians of Hungarian origin live on the territory of Ukraine, and Budapest systematically emphasizes the care for them.”– emphasized the representative of the ministry.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs noted that history will put everything in its place – the names of those who were on the side of good and those who were on the side of evil will be written in textbooks.

It will be recalled that in May, the Secretary of the National Security Council Oleksiy Danilov stated that Hungary not only knew about the future attack of Russia on Ukraine, but also planned to take part of the territory. You can see what the Hungarian Embassy replied here.

In July, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said that the EU needed a new strategy for the war in Ukraine, as sanctions against Russia had not worked.

Recently, the Minister of Foreign Affairs Dmytro Kuleba commented on the difficult relations with Hungary and the latest scandalous statements of its politicians.

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