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Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen responded to the Turkish President’s statement Recep Erdogan, who called for Israel to be isolated internationally and called Hamas terrorists “rebels trying to defend their homeland and lives.” Cohen on social networks H noted that the Turkish leader is “distorting reality.”

Today, Erdogan said that Israel is “totally destroying” the Gaza Strip and its inhabitants, and called the country a “terrorist state.” He also said he would “never hesitate to voice” that Hamas is “rebels trying to defend their homeland and their lives.”

Cohen responded: “Those who embrace the arch-terorists and encourage terrorist organizations will not preach morality to the State of Israel. The Turkish president is distorting reality and has once again found himself on the wrong side of history, along with the glorifiers of mass murder in Iran, Lebanon, Syria and Yemen.”

He added that Israel is a rule-of-law state that operates in accordance with international law and will continue the war against Hamas terrorists, “who are worse than ISIS.”

  • In October, Erdogan already called Hamas “not terrorists, but a mujahideen liberation group.”
  • On November 13, Erdogan again began to criticize Israel for the strikes on the Gaza Strip and the operation against Hamas terrorists and said that his political career Netanyahu comes to the end.

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