Johnson's plans under Sunak: Washington will strengthen US support for Ukraine - FT - Ukraine news, Politics

Johnson’s plans under Sunak: Washington will strengthen US support for Ukraine – FT – Ukraine news, Politics

Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson plans to spend more time in Washington and strengthen support for Ukraine. Writes about it Finanial Timesby chatting with members of Johnson’s team and his friends.

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Johnson is unlikely to enter the cabinet of new Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, reporters say. “It doesn’t seem to make sense, there is no hope that he will be asked to return,” one of his friends said.

However, Johnson wants to use the position created during his premiership as a driver of Western support for Ukraine in the war against Russia, close allies of the politician say. According to them, he plans to spend more time in Washington and lobby for bipartisan support for Ukraine in the United States.

“There is no formal role yet, but Boris is very concerned about the situation in Ukraine. He believes that the United States and American defense spending is the best force for military success in the war, and wants to make sure that support does not wane,” said one of Johnson’s friends.

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Sunak also hinted at a possible international role for his predecessor – he hopes Johnson “will continue to contribute to public life at home and abroad.” Some Whitehall officials discussed that Johnson could be promoted to international envoy to help rebuild Ukraine.

In the domestic arena, Johnson will press Sunak to keep his promises and intends to seek an influx of new voters for the Conservatives, journalists write.

It is not yet clear whether Johnson will remain in the House of Commons. He will face an investigation before a parliamentary committee to determine whether Johnson deliberately misled parliament over the Downing Street party scandal during the pandemic. If the committee finds him guilty, Johnson could be removed from the House of Commons, which could lead to a petition to be recalled by voters.

Johnson will also return to writing. He is finishing work on a biography of the British writer William Shakespeare and plans to write a memoir about the premiership.

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