Kadyrov wants to keep the army in order to fight for the independence of Ichkeria

Kadyrov wants to keep the army in order to fight for the independence of Ichkeria

American political scientist Andriy Piontkovsky said this on the air of the “West Studio with Antin Borkovsky” program on the “Espresso” TV channel.

“Kadyrov’s activity, his dramatic and controversial statements show that Kadyrov is already working in a post-Putin and post-Russian paradigm. Let’s not forget – Russia is a confederation of two states – Ichkeria and Russia itself. And this confederation rests on the personal union of Putin and Kadyrov. Putin understood that the war in Chechnya was lost and agreed to pay a huge economic tribute to the Kadyrov regime,” Piontkovsky noted

He added that Kadyrov is showing loyalty to Moscow in return.

“Formally keeps Chechnya and Ichkeria as part of Russia and even participates in foreign policy adventures. But this is all on the personal relations of Putin and Kadyrov. Everyone knows that all the security forces hate Kadyrov and are ready to simply eliminate him at any convenient moment. They did not agree with this decision by Putin to end the war in Chechnya in this way. Rumors have appeared that Kadyrov is being offered some important position – the director of the Russian Guard or the minister of defense, although the vice president under Putin. But whatever position he is given, when he is separated from his fighters and remains in Moscow, he will simply be shot in the back of the head in his own office the next day,” said the political scientist.

According to Piontkovsky, Kadyrov knows this very well and he will not accept any position, as well as resignation

“He also has enough people dissatisfied with his agreement with Putin. The main task for him now is to save his army in that irreversible process after the defeat of Russia, when he will have to continue the struggle with Putin’s successors already for the independence of Ichkeria,” he concluded.

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