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The head of Chechnya, by his will, actually keeps this region from an explosion of disobedience, if it “breaks out” there, the Kremlin does not have enough forces to suppress it – all Russian troops are thrown into the war against Ukraine.

The Kremlin refuses to comment on Kadyrov’s condition / photo

Director of the Security Sector Reform Agency, major general of the SBU reserve, ex-deputy head of the special service in 2014-2015, Viktor Yagun listed the main reasons why the Kremlin will hide information about the true condition of the head of the Chechen Republic of the Russian Federation Ramzan Kadyrov until the last.

On air telethon he noted that it was possible to understand that Ramzan Kadyrov’s health problems had worsened a few months ago, analyzing data from various sources. But Russia, like any totalitarian state, completely closes information, “which is not actually some abnormal, mysterious, but such incomprehensible actions, it brings everything to absurdity in some places.”

He believes that the Kremlin authorities will hide information about Kadyrov’s true condition until the end, because “the situation is very dangerous for Putin.”

“They themselves created such a precedent, when Kadyrov actually holds the region by his will, and his absence for a long time or his disappearance can lead to an explosion. With Kadyrov, everything is much more complicated, religion intervenes here. According to Muslim tradition, one must hide day by day, until sunset. Or in the period before the sunset, maybe in a day and a half, if it happened at night. The situation is very critical, they are either looking for a replacement, or some excuse to convey this news to the people,” Yagun emphasized.

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The reserve major general of the SBU reminded that the power of the head of Chechnya rests on total terror. “This terror is actually connected with the hostages of those families, those people who are either opponents or fighting against Kadyrov. In fact, the vast majority of Chechnya are, as they say, “bloodsuckers”. Moreover, in several generations. Because there could have been destroyed and a grandfather, a father, and a son. And there are already grandchildren left who will still remember who Kadyrov is. That’s why there really can be a fire there and no “Kadyrov people” will be able to master it,” Yagun emphasized.

The Kremlin also needs time to find an adequate candidate to replace Kadyrov, who will be able to take control of the structure of his military formation.

“This is the same situation as with “Wagner”, who will take it until they find Surovikin. Therefore, it is necessary to find someone adequate to take control of the “Kadyrivets”. And for a moment, this includes about 50 thousand bayonets, which are indirectly included in some their structures, but are actually managed from the same center. So that everyone understands, the headquarters of the Kadyrovs is not in Grozny, but 5-7 minutes on foot from the Kremlin,” explained Yagun.

The reserve major general of the SBU noted that if Chechnya “flares up”, the Russian authorities will not have enough forces to suppress such an explosion of disobedience, because the Russian Federation threw all its troops into the war against Ukraine.

“The Kremlin does not have the physical strength, roughly speaking, to take some Russian Guards and send them to “pacify the peoples”. If there is a fire somewhere, some small town or small village, they can still surround it and do something there, a separate counter-terrorist operation, as they say. If it rises one republic, especially one like Chechnya, they will not be able to do anything, because they have thrown all their forces into Ukraine,” Yagun stressed.

What is known about Kadyrov’s condition:

As UNIAN reported, a lot of information appeared in the media in recent days that the head of the Chechen Republic is in a very serious condition in the hospital. There were even rumors about his death, which were denied by Ukrainian intelligence.

Already yesterday afternoon, Russian businessman Leonid Nevzlin reported that Kadyrov appears to have died in Moscow’s Central Clinical Hospital. There is no official confirmation of this information.

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