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If you count the anti-Ukrainian statements of the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, then he will definitely be the absolute winner among all world politicians in the nomination – do the biggest “deed” to the neighboring state. Viktor Orban’s efforts to harm Ukraine wherever possible have already entered the phase of persistent maniacal anti-Ukrainian phobia. Now his main task is to block Ukraine’s path to the European Union. What is worth Orban’s statement that “Membership negotiations should not begin, this is Hungary’s clear position. Ukraine is in no way ready to negotiate with EU membership ambitions. Ukraine is as far from EU membership as Mako is from Jerusalem.”. When making this unfortunate comparison, the prime minister was referring to the city of Mako in the south-east of Hungary.

Twisting the hands of a united Europe and constantly blackmailing it, Viktor Orbán is an ideological supporter of the Russian dictator Putin, thereby pushing the EU to reboot. After all, he uses the right of veto in the European Union exclusively to discredit and boycott the decisions of the vast majority of its members. Therefore, there is an urgent need for the EU to abandon the current rule of consensus, replacing it in such a way that the general agreement to make a decision in the European Union will be considered when at least 75 percent of the members of this respectable European organization vote for this or that decision.

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Because it is quite clear that the archaic rule of absolute unanimity of all EU member states, which is still necessary for the adoption of any decisions, gives Hungary the opportunity to endlessly blackmail the European Union, trying to pressurize Orbán’s desired decisions.

The “organization of the EU” is dangerous not only for the future accession of Ukraine to this European organization. It turned Brussels into a political hostage of Budapest. Because, using inflexible mechanisms of coordination for making the necessary decisions, Hungary has been blocking financial assistance to Ukraine for a long time, and now it will be joined by hindering the advancement of the Ukrainian state to membership in the European Union.

The tactics of delaying decision-making in the EU regarding Ukraine and the attempt to slow down the start of negotiations on its accession to the European Union, using the contrived oppression of the Hungarian minority in Transcarpathia, must guarantee Moscow’s vassal Viktor Orban cheap gas from Gazprom, which he then successfully converts into the votes of politically unintelligible voters.

But the time is coming to lift Budapest’s veto on the enlargement of the European Union. Dictator Putin’s best friend in the EU no longer has to constantly stick sticks in the European Union’s wheels. Reconstruction in the EU should begin with the recognition that today this organization is too large to continue using the outdated principle of unanimity. In addition, why has the European Union watched the anti-European activities of the dictator Orban with such condescension for so long? His pro-Moscow behavior causes enormous damage to Europe’s reputation, and no one is doing anything about it.

Does anyone even know of a party, association or club from which you cannot be expelled if you violate their constitution, rules or customs? So why was it not foreseen during the founding of the European Union in advance the exclusion or at least the suspension of membership in it, if one of its members pursues a policy that goes against its principles and the very Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union.

I Where in the Treaty on the European Union does it say that a state that is an ally of the Russian Federation must have a decisive vote in the EU? After all, this is complete nonsense. Which once again shows that the current construction of the EU is actually completely unsuitable for modern geopolitical realities, and therefore needs urgent reformation.

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Orbán, dreaming of the realization of the revanchist idea of ​​restoring Great Hungary, clearly long ago concluded an agreement with Putin on the division of the territory of Ukraine and the annexation of Ukrainian Transcarpathia to Hungary.

But if we assume for a moment that all Viktor Orbán’s demands for Ukraine will be fulfilled, the Hungarians of Transcarpathia will not be able to learn or know the Ukrainian language at all, and will study in Hungarian schools, where only the Hungarian language will function from the 1st to the 11th grade, then what will be invented by this restless anti-Ukrainian prime minister.

He will probably demand that all ethnic Hungarians have the right to dual citizenship, and that the densely populated areas of Transcarpathia be granted national autonomy.

If these political demands are satisfied, the following ones will immediately appear, such as the fact that, in addition to Ukrainian, the languages ​​of national minorities – Hungarian, Polish, Slovak, Romanian, Bulgarian and Russian – must become state languages ​​in Ukraine.

After all, Orban’s political fantasies are inexhaustible when it comes to what else can best hinder Ukrainians in our desire to join the European Union, NATO and the Western world.

Today, the Hungarian Prime Minister has become a classic saboteur of EU agreements until he receives at least some benefit from them. Despite the fact that Hungary itself is critically dependent on other countries, for example, on access to the sea. But he sees himself as a competitor when it comes to EU subsidies, and constantly tries to include Russian interests in the agenda.

However, someone who lives in a glass house should not throw stones. Currently, Hungary is very vulnerable in terms of the lack of freedom of the press and because of the Orbán regime’s “peculiar” interpretation of the issue of law. After all, Orban’s “standards of democracy” are completely incompatible with the fundamental values ​​of the European Union.

It is likely that we need to work with the Hungarian prime minister more concretely than before. As long as he blocks geostrategically important EU projects, he must refuse all multibillion-dollar infusions from the European Union.

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Viktor Orban knows very well that there is still no mechanism for withdrawing such problematic states as Hungary from the EU. But as an alternative to such a decision, you can think about the other members of the European Union joining their efforts and politically isolating Hungary – that is, there were no more trade agreements, freezing the provision of EU funds to Budapest (and there are already enough reasons for this) and introducing travel restrictions on the territory of the united Europe.

Without financial infusions from the EU, dictators like Orbán will quickly lose power, as they need them to pay for the services of their corrupt bureaucratic networks and the social bribery of the propaganda-zombified Hungarian electorate.

There is another sensitive issue. Namely: Viktor Orbán constantly behaves as if he has long since turned into Putin’s authorized representative in the European Union. And this is not an exaggeration at all. And in the corridors of Brussels, the authorities are defenseless against this, and are forced to watch for years how he constantly torpedoes EU projects.

However, the worst thing here is that there is no guarantee that all the conference information discussed in the EU or NATO will not be on the desks of those interested in it in Moscow in thirty minutes. In this way, Hungarian diplomats and officers turn into potential Kremlin informants. Excessive tolerance of open societies leads to laxity, and it is unacceptable when it comes to protecting the security of European states.

It is clear that the promotion of Ukraine to the EU will not be easy, but the Hungarian Prime Minister is already ready to form new and new artificial obstacles for this. Orbán is indifferent to signs of solidarity with anyone. He prefers to play on the keyboard of anti-Ukrainian emotions, and aims to demonstrate short-term conditional successes to those representatives of the electorate who cannot distinguish long-term policy from political gestures and populist conjuncture.

It is time for the European Union to start calling a spade a spade: Viktor Orban systematically destroys democratic institutions in his country, feels more comfortable with world dictators – Putin and Xi Jinping, and constantly blocks EU and NATO decisions.

Hungary is ruled by one of the most corrupt clans in Europe, but the EU dutifully pays for Orbán’s dubious projects, and orders are usually given to family members and his friends, and pensions are conditionally increased to bribe his voters. And if you also add Russian gas, which is cheaper for Hungary, then you can fully understand what the foundation of Orban’s government is really based on.

The phenomenon of Orban the politician is that, despite the fact that he is constantly opposing the EU, Hungary receives financial subsidies from the European Union, without which his regime could not exist. Orbán is corrupt, but he wants to appear to his countrymen as a man of honor who allegedly represents Christian-conservative values, fights for traditional families and blocks the entry of immigrants from third world countries to Hungary.

In general, Viktor Orban should be the last person to criticize Ukraine’s accession to the EU. And if Orbán is such a convinced supporter of Russia and wants to swear an oath to Putin, wouldn’t it be easier for him to withdraw Hungary from the European Union and declare it one of the new objects of the Russian Federation? Perhaps it would be easier for everyone.

Because how can you give one dishonest politician the opportunity to muddy the waters in the EU for so long? The European Union cannot afford that this eternal pro-Russian prime minister, who does not share any of its common European values, blackmails, intimidates and blocks its work all the time.

And here a natural logical conclusion suggests itself, if Hungarians constantly vote for a pro-Moscow prime minister, then this happens exclusively thanks to their pro-Russian sentiments. This means that the Hungarian people themselves, in their vast majority, do not share the values ​​of the European Union.

Does a united Europe need such a country? And who should the European Union choose, if it comes to a choice between pro-European Ukraine and pro-Russian Hungary?


About the author. Viktor Kaspruk, journalist

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