Kharkiv deputies will decide the fate of the region  News of Kharkiv and Ukraine

Kharkiv deputies will decide the fate of the region News of Kharkiv and Ukraine

For this purpose, sessions of the regional council and the city council will be convened in the near future.

The regional session was scheduled for February 24, but due to the Russian attack, did not take place. Therefore, the session will be held only now and by video conference – the HODA building was partially destroyed by a missile.

The head of the Kharkiv regional council Tetyana Yegorova-Lutsenko said that the plenary session of the regular XI session of the VIII convocation, which was scheduled for February 24, will be held in the form of a video conference in the near future.

“I want the deputies to decide that they are for the territorial integrity of the Kharkiv region, that they support Ukraine and that Russia is the aggressor. We already have regions that held such sessions, such as Kherson, Mykolayiv, so that the aggressor could see, fighting and trying to capture our region, no deputy, hoping for this, will cooperate with them, “Egorova-Lutsenko explained.

In addition to territorial integrity, the session plans to make changes to the decision of the regional council, which will allow to consider more issues remotely. Today, the list of questions for the online session is limited

“We are grateful to all the institutions that agreed to our request to provide premises for the work of the deputies and the executive staff of the regional council after the destruction of the House of Councils. But security issues are a top priority. Therefore, the Kharkiv Regional Council continues to work remotely, “said Tetyana Yegorova-Lutsenko.

She added that the regional council has experience in holding video conference meetings of both standing commissions and plenary sessions. “In recent weeks, deputies have received additional training to work online during the plenary session. Namely, registration, speeches, voting, etc. This format of work is provided by the Regulations of the Kharkiv Regional Council, “said the head of the regional council. It will be recalled that the Kharkiv Regional Council has already held a plenary session in video conference format due to quarantine restrictions on July 24, 2020.

The House of Councils, which is an architectural monument where the leadership was housed, standing commissions and plenary sessions of the Kharkiv Regional Council were held, was hit by a missile from the Russian aggressor on March 1.

Deputies of the Kharkiv City Council, as well as the regional one, will gather for a session in the near future in a remote mode.

About this Public On May 6, Kharkiv Mayor Ihor Terekhov said.

“There are certain issues related to the redistribution of budget funds. The second point is that I want to understand the position of each deputy on Russian aggression. Let everyone show themselves. And some other issues that, I think, need to be raised and discussed in the session hall, albeit online, “Terekhov said.

According to him, the position of some factions on the Russian invasion of Ukraine is clear to him, he wants to hear representatives of all factions. Terekhov also noted that the issue of renaming in Kharkiv may be submitted to the deputies, but before that an online poll of Kharkiv residents will be conducted.

“As for the renaming, my clear position is that today there should be no names of streets, squares, highways, no names of Russian cities. Definitely! Second: we have to sever relations with the twin cities of the Russian Federation, because this brotherhood is coming to an end, see what (points to the building destroyed by shelling – ed.). We will bring it to the session hall, but before making any decisions, I want us to have a wide discussion on the website of the city council, which is renaming. Let’s say, Moscow Avenue, as people want, Belgorod highway… From tomorrow we will conduct a survey of people, as they see what the name should be, “- said Terekhov.


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