Kharkiv Polytechnic once again became a target of the occupiers: a woman died  News of Kharkiv and Ukraine

Kharkiv Polytechnic once again became a target of the occupiers: a woman died News of Kharkiv and Ukraine

Five explosions rang out in Kharkiv in the morning – the occupiers again hit civilians with S-300 missiles. In the center of the city, one of the university buildings was destroyed – this time, the Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute was once again the target. There is a gas station nearby.

Oleksandr, gas station employee

Woke up from explosions and glass flew. I looked out the window – fog, dust, nothing to be seen. I went out to see what was happening with the gas station – mechanisms were torn off the doors.

A woman who worked as a security guard was in the building of the educational institution, she died. The man who was on duty in a separate guard house on the territory of the university was not injured. After the explosion, he rushed to the ruins to look for the woman, but rescuers had already found her body.

Stanislav, guard of KhPI

Svetlana was a very good person. She has a family, her mother or aunt is paralyzed, I don’t know exactly who. The whole family supported her. My daughter is in Germany, whether she will come or not is not known. Of course we will help.

In the Nemyshlyan district, a residential quarter was shelled: the shells hit between a five-story building and a tire shop. Windows in the house were broken, parked cars were damaged. Two more rockets landed at the enterprise in Osnovyansk district. Complete destruction of two shops was recorded.

Volodymyr Tymoshko, head of the Kharkiv Oblast GUNP.

Two are Nemyshlyansky district, private sector, no victims, partial destruction of houses. In the Osnovyansk district, there is an industrial zone, partial destruction of premises. Specialists of the explosive-technical group and the investigative-operational group of the national police have already worked on the spot. We removed the remnants of the S-300 projectile, which the Russians have been firing at us for the last 1.5-2 months.

Today, search and rescue work was completed in the dormitory building in the Slobid district, which was destroyed by the occupiers the day before. According to the State Emergency Service, the bodies of 6 dead people were removed from the rubble, including one child, a 13-year-old boy. The death toll in the dormitory in Saltivskyi district, which burst into flames after being hit by an enemy rocket on the evening of August 17, also increased: 16 civilians were killed there, 22 people were injured.

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