Kharkiv volunteers and policemen rescued two horses from the destroyed Avdiyivka


The farm in the village of Lastochkine near Avdiivka was destroyed by the Russians in the spring of 2023. Then about 300 different animals died there. Most of the surviving horses were evacuated with their owners. Two horses miraculously survived and Kharkiv volunteers managed to evacuate them together with the police.

The incredible story of the rescue of horses was told by the National Police of Ukraine.

Two horses have been wild since the spring and did not give themselves to humans. The police and volunteers of the Kharkiv Animal Rescue organization went after the horses, including a professional groom with his own horse.

“The plan was as follows: the savages will see the “relative” and follow him. But upon arrival in Lastochkina, the horses were not found. They searched everything – no one. Then the “white angels” went on business to Avdiyivka and saw them there – elegant figures against the background of ruins. In search of food, beavers jumped five kilometers from the village to the city,” the police said.

Since there was no connection, the law enforcement officers immediately returned to the volunteers and caught up with the animals together.

“The plan worked. Noticing their comrade, the horses followed him little by little. Individual residents could see this surreal procession: a rider and two horses, which slowly followed him to the sound of explosions,” the message reads.

In this way, the cortege reached the neighboring village, and in the near future the horses will be evacuated outside the Donetsk region.

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