“Kharkivvodokanal” eliminates accidents after a missile strike in the Kyiv region |


Crews of emergency and recovery works of KP “Kharkivvodokanal” eliminate accidents on water supply and drainage networks in the Kyiv region, which occurred as a result of the morning rocket attack.

Vladlen Volkov, the deputy general director for the operation of the water supply industry and the director of the Kharkiv water supply complex, Vladlen Volkov, said that a 100 mm section of the main line was destroyed as a result of the shelling, the city council reports.

“After temporarily suspending the water supply, we started carrying out restoration measures – we will replace a 10 m long section of the highway.

During the repair works, water is delivered by the company’s tanker trucks,” said Vladlen Volkov.

Ihor Voronenko, deputy director for production of the “Kharkivvodovodvidesna” complex, noted that the 200 mm diameter sewage collector was heavily damaged as a result of the explosion.

Repair works are being carried out, during which a section of the network will also be replaced.

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