Khrystia Freeland, an ethnic Ukrainian, can become the Secretary General of NATO.

Khrystia Freeland, an ethnic Ukrainian, can become the Secretary General of NATO.

About this write CBC News citing NATO sources.

It is noted that Freeland is now at the center of speculation in Canada, as there are rumors about her possible appointment as NATO Secretary General. In general, NATO is seriously considering the possibility of appointing a woman to the position of General Secretary, the article says.

Hrystia Freeland is the most famous Canadian of Ukrainian origin, a well-known journalist, former Minister of Foreign Affairs, current Minister of Finance and Deputy Prime Minister of Canada.

At least four different sources – in Ottawa, Washington and Brussels, where NATO headquarters are located – say Freeland’s name has been floated for months in international defense and security circles as a potential successor to current NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. He has been working in this position since 2014. Stoltenberg’s term was supposed to end in September 2022, but NATO leaders extended that term to 2023 due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

“There are some very qualified women who would be very good candidates,” a senior NATO official told CBC News in August.

According to him, there is a certain momentum for a woman to become the next Secretary General of NATO.

According to reporters, NATO headquarters are stressing that the seven-decade-old military alliance is eager for the fresh perspective a woman would bring to the post of secretary general. NATO is looking for a person with firmness and international connections.

There, too, they are cautious about Freeland’s chances, suggesting that she is roughly “in the middle of the list” of women who would make strong, qualified candidates.

“The presence of a Canadian (in the role of secretary general -, ed.) may be desirable from the point of view of strengthening Canada’s participation in the alliance,” said Chris Skaluba of the Washington-based Atlantic Council think tank.

Freeland is generally well thought of in European and transatlantic security circles, the analyst added.

Sources in Brussels said that the name Freeland appeared last fall. The question that remains unanswered is whether Freeland herself might be interested in this work.

  • On September 3, former NATO Secretary General and ex-Prime Minister of Denmark Anders Fogh Rasmussen said that the end of the war with the victory of Ukraine is in the interests of the United States. He called on the States not to hesitate to help Ukraine in the amount that would allow it to win and ensure lasting peace.

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