Kiev is attacked by “shahedy”, the debris damaged residential buildings



The Mayor of Kyiv, Vitaliy Klychko, reported two casualties in the Solomyansk district as a result of an enemy attack by the Shaheds, as well as the destruction of the second floor of a five-story building.

He wrote about this in Telegram.

According to the mayor’s information, in the Holosiiv district, debris fell on the area of ​​green areas, and there were no casualties.

In the Pechersk district – also on undeveloped territory. Previously without consequences.

In addition, as the head of the KMVA Serhiy Popko reported, in the Holosiiv district, debris fell on a 4-story residential building. Information on the nature of the alleged destruction and on the victims is being clarified.

“There are two victims in the Solomyansk district as a result of falling debris – both of them had an acute reaction to stress, without hospitalization. Also in this area, a 5-story building was destroyed on the second floor, the windows were broken. Two women are locked in the building. Unblocking work is underway.” Popko said.

According to Klitschko, in a high-rise building in the Dnipro district, a small fragment of a drone fell on the stairwell of the upper floor. There is no ignition. The victims have not been identified so far. Rescuers inspect the roof and technical floor of the building.

Also, in the Holosiivskyi district, the wreckage of a UAV fell on a four-story residential building. Rescuers follow to the scene.

We will remind, on the evening of Friday, November 24, an air alert was announced in a number of regions of Ukraine due to a new Russian attack.

We will remind, on the night of November 25, Ukraine was attacked by drones and missiles.

Explosions rang out in the Kyiv region during the air raid.

Due to the fall of UAV debris in Kyiv, a fire broke out on the territory of a kindergarten.

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Source: Kiev is attacked by “shahedy”, the debris damaged residential buildings


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