Kill, take away, lie, deny everything: Kuleba showed with examples the four principles of the Russian Federation’s policy | News of Ukraine


Head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Dmitry Kuleba cited examples of how Russia has constantly broken its promises over the past three decades, and rhetorically wondered why there are still politicians who believe that the Kremlin can be trusted. This is what he’s talking about posted on X (Twitter).

In the “short list” of how the agreements reached with Russia end, the minister mentioned the Budapest Memorandum of 1994 (violated by the Russian Federation in 2014), the Russian-Ukrainian Treaty on Friendship and the Inviolability of Borders (violated in the same 2014), the agreement of the Russian Federation at the Istanbul summit in 1999 on the withdrawal of its troops from the territory of Moldova (never fulfilled), the agreement of the Russian Federation in 2008 to withdraw its troops from the territory of Georgia (never fulfilled), the promise of a safe corridor from Ilovaisk for the Ukrainian military in 2014 (opened fire, 366 people were killed), 20 “Minsk agreements” on a ceasefire in Donbass (the Russian Federation violated each one), the Black Sea Grain Initiative of 2022 (the Russian Federation first sabotaged the implementation of the agreement, and then withdrew from it altogether).

“I did not mention the almost 400 international treaties that Russia has violated since 2014,” Kuleba wrote.

In addition, he recalled, the Russian dictator Vladimir Putin explicitly promised world leaders “not to attack Ukraine” just days before launching a full-scale invasion in February 2022.

“Russia’s tactics have remained unchanged in many wars over the past three decades: kill, grab, lie and deny everything,” Kuleba wrote, and added that he sees no reason to believe that in 2023 Russia will change the tactics with which it has become familiar previous 30 years.

On November 9, Kuleba said that before a full-scale war, Ukraine held about 200 rounds of negotiations with Russia, and Moscow violated all the agreements reached there.

  • On October 9, 2023, Kuleba said that he would have an “unpleasant conversation” with those who spoke to him about territorial concessions.
  • On October 12, the head of the Foreign Ministry said that Russia should not be allowed to freeze the conflict, because it is using the pause to renew its strength, and not only Ukraine will be under the threat of a new wave of aggression.
  • On November 8, the US State Department said that Washington was not pushing Kyiv into any negotiations with Russia.

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