Kim Jong Un arrived in Russia for talks with Putin (video)


Putin is expected to beg Kim for artillery shells.

Kim Jong Un arrived in Russia / photo REUTERS

The leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un, has already entered the territory of Russia on his train and arrived at Hasan station after crossing the border. A Japanese publication writes about it Kyodo with reference to own sources close to the Russian authorities.

This information is confirmed by the Russian state agency “RIA Novosti”. “Kim Jong-un’s train has arrived in Russia and is heading north through the Primorye region,” the message reads.

The day before, North Korea’s state news agency reported that Kim Jong-un had left Pyongyang to visit Russia. However, in fact, the dictator left his capital on Sunday. Kim is accompanied on the trip by top officials of the ruling Workers’ Party of Korea, the government and the armed forces, North Korean state media reported.

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The report did not provide details on Kim’s destination, but Russian media reported that Vladimir Putin arrived on Monday in Vladivostok, where the Eastern Economic Forum is being held.

The last time Kim and Putin met was in April 2019 in the same Vladivostok. According to Kyodo, today’s trip of the Korean dictator is his first foreign visit since that time, because due to the coronavirus pandemic, Kim has not traveled anywhere.

True, in June 2019, Kim met with then US President Donald Trump. But for this he did not have to leave the country. The meeting took place in the neutral zone on the border with South Korea.

Why is Kim going to Putin?

According to the American publication Bloomberg, the main topic of the talks between Putin and Kim in Vladivostok is the issue of North Korean arms deliveries to Russia. Due to the high intensity of hostilities in Ukraine, the Russian army lacks ammunition. North Korea has a huge stockpile of projectiles of precisely the calibers that Russia needs.

In turn, North Korea seeks to obtain from Russia technologies in the field of construction of nuclear submarines and spy satellites. In addition, for the isolated from the rest of the world and extremely primitive North Korean economy, even receiving a large amount of foreign currency in exchange for shells will be profitable in itself.

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