Kleshchiyivka near Bakhmut was liberated โ€“ video of the 80th Special Airborne Brigade – Ukrainian news, Politics


The settlement of Kleshchievka near Bakhmut has been finally liberated from the invaders. Video from the village published by the 80th separate air assault brigade.

As the military says in the video, Kleschiyivka was liberated by the forces of the 80th Separate Assault Brigade, the 5th Separate Assault Brigade and the Joint Assault Brigade of the National Police of Ukraine โ€œLyutโ€.

However, the battles for the populated area continue, โ€œthe enemy is constantly trying to inflict maximum damage on our soldiers and is using all possible means of fire,โ€ the video says.

The military ends the video with the words โ€œWe stand strong! This is our land! Glory to the defenders of Ukraine! Glory to Ukraine!โ€

President Vladimir Zelensky in the evening video message confirmed release Pliers.

  • On September 15, the General Staff reported that the Defense Forces liberated Andreevka during the assault operations and had partial success in the Kleshchievka area in the Bakhmut direction.

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