Klitschko clarified the number of victims during the most massive UAV attack on Kyiv


photo Vitaliy Klitschko Telegram

In Kyiv, the number of victims as a result of a massive attack by Russians on the night of November 25 has increased. Among the injured is a child.

Kyiv Mayor Vitaliy Klitschko announced this in Telegram.

“In total, as a result of the Russian attack on the capital, 5 people were injured, including an 11-year-old child”, – the mayor wrote.

According to Klitschko, all the victims received medical assistance on the spot or in the trauma center.

He also told about the situation in Kyiv districts after the attack:

  • in the Solomyan district, as a result of the fall of UAV debris, a fire broke out in the premises of a kindergarten, windows were damaged in neighboring houses. In addition, there was destruction on the second floor of the five-story building, where two women were trapped. The rescuers unblocked them and evacuated them. Also, in the Solomyan district, the wreckage of a drone fell on an open area, and there was a fire.

  • in the Pechersk and Podilsk districts, falling debris was also recorded in the open area.

  • in the Dnipro district, a small UAV fragment fell on the stairwell of the upper floor of a multi-story residential building. There was no fire. There are no victims.

  • in the Holosiivskyi district, the wreckage of the UAV fell on a four-story residential building. Previously, no one was injured.

Photos of the consequences of the fall of drone debris in Kyiv appeared online.

We will remind you that tonight Russia released a record number of drones over Ukraine since the beginning of the invasion – 75. Air defense forces shot down 71 drones. Most of them were released in Kyiv, two victims were previously known. In addition, 77 residential buildings and more than 100 institutions in the capital were left without power after the shelling.

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Source: Klitschko clarified the number of victims during the most massive UAV attack on Kyiv


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