Kuleba: A well-armed Ukraine is Europe's best long-term security investment - Ukrainian news, Politics

Kuleba: A well-armed Ukraine is Europe’s best long-term security investment – Ukrainian news, Politics

The best investment in the future security of Europe is to provide Ukraine with enough weapons to fight the Russian occupiers. About it wrote Foreign Secretary Dmitry Kuleba.

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Kuleba responded to the call of the German deputies to significantly increase the supply of weapons to Ukraine.

“German MPs representing all three ruling parties – Sara Nanni, Alex Muller, Christian Klink – are absolutely right in their call to provide Ukraine with maximum military assistance. A well-armed Ukraine is the best long-term investment in the security of Europe,” Kuleba wrote.

  • On August 21, the German Bundestag deputies from the coalition called for an increase in arms supplies to Ukraine, even if this causes temporary gaps in the Bundeswehr.

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