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Kuleba: What the German Chancellor did at the summit to eliminate the threat of a Hungarian veto will go down in history as an example of German leadership.

Andrey Vodyany

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"This will go down in history".  Kuleba praised Scholz for trick with Orban at EU summit Photo: EPA

Foreign Secretary Dmitry Kuleba in an interview with Bild said that the actions of the German Chancellor Olaf Scholz at the EU summit in Brussels will go down in history. It was the German prime minister who proposed Viktor Orban to temporarily leave the meeting room when other countries were voting to begin negotiations on Ukraine’s accession to the EU.

Thus, the Hungarian prime minister did not have to change his position regarding Ukraine, and the EU countries achieved the necessary decision.

“What German Chancellor Olaf Scholz did at the summit to eliminate the threat of a Hungarian veto will go down in history as an example of German leadership in favor of Europe. This week the Chancellor has earned enormous sincere and well-deserved delight in the hearts of Ukrainians,” Kuleba said.

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He said that back in May 2022, his calls to Germany to lead the process of granting Ukraine EU candidate status were met with misunderstanding.

“Germany does not want to be a leader,” experts and politicians told me in Berlin. I am glad that German political decisions have since changed. I can only hope that this also marks a broader and irreversible shift in the German approach to leading efforts to resolve complex issues,” said the Ukrainian minister.

“We have many reasons to be grateful to Germany: from military assistance to financial support. But political clarity regarding Ukraine’s membership in the EU is perhaps the best Christmas gift from Berlin,” he added.

  • On December 14, Ukraine received the long-awaited opening of membership negotiations at the EU summit, which Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban threatened to block.
  • Even on the day of the summit, Orban did not agree to give the green light to negotiations, and everything was resolved at the last moment. According to Politico, Scholz invited Orban to leave the hall during the vote. The Hungarian Prime Minister came out, abstained from voting, and the opening of negotiations was decided without him.

Source: liga.net


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