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Foreign Secretary Dmitry Kuleba five months after the announcement of open competitions for the positions of ambassadors in 21 countries, announced the completion of interviews with 16 candidates who have passed the first ever open recruitment of diplomats. He reported this in Instagramemphasizing that 69 people applied for one place.

The minister noted that his office had received and processed a “massive” number of applications, 1,104.

Kuleba said that 30% of them were filed by representatives of business circles, 12% by scientists and teachers, 7% by veterans, military, representatives of the security and defense sector, 7% by current and former diplomats. Lawyers and human rights activists, representatives of civil society and local government, media workers, civil servants and others also applied.

Out of 1104 applications, 16 were taken away from Kuleba. But, as he emphasized, “these are really qualified, motivated, very powerful candidates.”

Further, Kuleba will inform the President Vladimir Zelensky about the results of the open selection, and now cannot talk about specific candidates until they have gone through the rest of the process.

鈥淏ut even now I can assure you that these are the best of the best, because the competition was, in fact, 69 people per place. Very different people, but all have achieved success in their fields and have the ambition and ability to be useful to Ukraine. The work of the ambassador is professional and responsible That is why the requirements are so high,” the Foreign Minister noted.

  • On March 13, 2023, Kuleba announced a “staff shortage” in his department, which is why the “Vacancies” page appeared on the Foreign Ministry’s website. The ministry was especially active in looking for Ukrainian ambassadors in 21 countries, mainly in African and Asian countries.
  • Kuleba said that the selection of candidates for the positions of ambassadors will be very thorough, but if the decision on open competitions brings at least 10% of success, it will already be a victory.

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