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Ukraine continues to discuss with its allies the issue of approving the decision to provide Kyiv with ATACMS and Taurus long-range missiles, and at the moment there is progress on both tracks. The Minister of Foreign Affairs stated this during the telethon. Dmitry Kuleba.

โ€œWe are very actively involved in this. The President holds negotiations or meetings every day to speed up deliveries of what has already been promised and to obtain new commitments from partners to transfer weapons to us. There are, of course, some super-priority topics – these are, first of all, air defense systems,โ€ Kuleba said.

He noted that active work is also underway to obtain ATACMS from the USA and Taurus from Germany.

โ€œThere is progress on both tracks, but of course the final decision has not yet been made in Berlin and Washington,โ€ the foreign minister said.

  • According to the German Ministry of Defense, Kyiv requested the supply of Taurus cruise missiles back in April 2023. However, Defense Minister Pistorius has repeatedly ruled out such a possibility.
  • On September 11, Pistorius said that Germany would not necessarily supply Taurus cruise missiles to Ukraine simply because the United States might decide to transfer ATACMS long-range missiles.

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