Kyiv City Council agrees with Kyivteploenergo on restructuring of gas debts


Kyiv City Council by its decision agreed with the municipal enterprise Kyivteploenergo to restructure the debt for consumed natural gas, which arose under the relevant agreements with NJSC Naftogaz Ukrainy.

“Restructuring will stabilize the financial condition of Kyivteploenergo, which is one of the key steps for the reliable passage of the heating season,” the company said in a press release on Friday.

As Petro Panteleyev, deputy chairman of Kyiv City State Administration, quoted in the document, stated, restructuring would also contribute to the formation of Naftogaz’s financial ability to purchase volumes of natural gas, including those necessary for heating the capital in winter.

According to him, the implementation of the proposed restructuring mechanism will allow heat suppliers to conclude appropriate agreements with Naftogaz, distributing the financial burden on Kyivteploenergo in terms of paying the debt for gas.

“This restructuring mechanism will contribute to more effective interaction between Naftogaz and Kyivteploenergo. After all, there is a difficult heating season ahead. Therefore, on the one hand, this will regulate the contractual relations of the companies and will make it impossible to face interruptions in gas supplies for the needs of the city, on the other hand, it will financially stabilize Kyivteploenergo, which will have the necessary resources to get through the winter, taking into account the risk of damage to the infrastructure as a result of enemy attacks,” Panteleyev noted.

The mechanism for restructuring the debt of heat supply and heat generating organizations and centralized water supply and sanitation enterprises was approved by relevant Law of Ukraine No. 1730 of November 3, 2016.



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