Lavrov did not want to listen at the ASEAN summit about Ukraine - Australian Foreign Minister Pong left - news from Ukraine, World

Lavrov did not want to listen at the ASEAN summit about Ukraine – Australian Foreign Minister Pong left – news from Ukraine, World

The Australian Foreign Minister left the hall at the ASEAN Foreign Ministers Summit in Cambodia, when a representative of the occupying country of Russia began to speak there Sergei Lavrov. Press Secretary Penny Wong explained her act by saying that the head of Australian diplomacy “could not look at Lavrov’s attempt to justify the killing of innocent Ukrainians,” writes The Guardian.

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They clarified that it was a spontaneous act, and not a planned protest. Wong’s place at the meeting was taken by another Australian official. Australia is one of the most important US allies in the Pacific.

Wong said at the G20 summit last month that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine “is not only the cause of untold loss of life and damage, not only the cause of a global energy and food crisis that is hurting our economy and pushing millions of people around the world to the brink of starvation.” , is also a serious breach of confidence and all countries should urge [Россию] to account.” Then she said that “Russian aggression cannot be minimized or considered normal.”

Demarch Wong followed up on another incident at an ASEAN event: on the evening of August 4, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, angry top US official Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwanabruptly left the summit dinner, canceling scheduled meetings with the US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and Japanese colleague Yoshimasa Hayashi.

As he writes about it Washington PostWang Yi “patted Lavrov on the shoulder as he entered the room and quickly waved to the already seated Lavrov before taking his seat. Lavrov waved back. Blinken, who entered the room last, did not even look at Lavrov, who had taken his a seat about half a dozen chairs away, nor Wang Yi, who was seated farther back at the same table as Lavrov.”

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According to journalists ReutersWang Yi “arrived for ASEAN dinner late at night, and left moments later.”

“Wang Yi and the US Secretary of State refused to meet in Phnom Penh. Blinken said at a meeting on Friday that China’s reaction to Pelosi’s visit was a “blatant provocation.” Lavrov and Wang Yi left the meeting while their Japanese counterpart was speaking.”

Yonhap News writes that South Korean Foreign Minister Park Jin spoke with Lavrov about Russia’s war against Ukraine, told him that the situation “has a negative impact” on relations between Seoul and Moscow, and also “expressed hope for the speedy restoration of peace in Ukraine and the normalization of relations between the Russian Federation and the South Caucasus.

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