Let's go, lads, chop dill - the mother of the occupier gave Putin his last words - news of Ukraine, Politics

Let’s go, lads, chop dill – the mother of the occupier gave Putin his last words – news of Ukraine, Politics

Lets go lads chop dill the mother of the

Russian TV showed a video claimed to be a meeting of the Russian dictator Vladimir Putin with the mothers of the invaders killed in Ukraine. One of the women told a version of how her son-occupier ended his life.

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The woman said that her son’s name was Pshenichkin Konstantin, and showed a photograph of the man. According to her, “in one of the morning battles, the enemy came close to their positions.”

“He jumped out of the trench. He called fire on himself. And his last words were: “Let’s go, lads, chop dill,” she said.

In the video, Putin, listening to this story, drank tea.

Information that he met with “mothers of servicemen” appeared on the Kremlin’s website on November 25.

According to Russian media that call themselves opposition, 18 women took part in the meeting with Putin.

The local publication “We Can Explain” claims that it has identified the dictator’s interlocutors as functionaries of the All-Russian People’s Front organization created on Putin’s initiative and other pro-government movements, as well as officials and members of the United Russia party.

  • Earlier today, British intelligence reported significant losses of mobilized invaders in the Luhansk and Donetsk regions.
  • In the morning summary of the General Staff for November 25, it was reported that the occupiers were concentrating their main efforts on the Bakhmut and Avdeevsky directions in the Donbass.

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