Liberation during the war: the CPD refuted the main fakes

Liberation during the war: the CPD refuted the main fakes


The Center for Combating Disinformation under the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine refuted the main fakes about dismissal from work in conditions of a full-scale war.

About this reports press office of the Central Bank of Ukraine at Telegram.

The Center denies that the employer has no right to fire an employee if the latter does not show up at work and his phone is turned off. Such an employee can be dismissed in case of absence for more than four months in a row, in accordance with clause 8-3 of Article 36 of the Labor Code of Ukraine.

Also, the impossibility of providing him with a job is a reason for dismissing an employee. For example, if the enterprise does not function due to the lack of raw materials in the conditions of war, accordingly, it does not have income to pay wages to employees.

The Center also explained the situation in cases where the employee is convinced that he was fired illegally, because he did not receive a copy of the dismissal order, and the deadline for this has allegedly expired. They emphasize that the deadline for applying to the court for the resolution of labor disputes is one month from the day of delivery of a copy of the order and three months from the day of receiving a written notification about the amounts of payments upon dismissal.

We will remind you that the Ministry of Health has published detailed step-by-step instructions for actions in the event of a radiation accident.


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