“Like Chongar.” Ukraine’s ambassador says Israel will find out why they “slept through” the Hamas attack | News of Ukraine


Ukrainian Ambassador to Israel Yevgeny Korniychuk said that in Jerusalem they will publicly investigate how the country’s special services did not foresee the attack by Hamas terrorists. This is what he’s talking about reported in a conversation with journalist Vitaly Portnikov.

According to him, he can talk about the Israeli special services β€œeither well or not at all,” because the military leadership of Ukraine is satisfied with cooperation with them.

β€œWe heard that the Americans sent certain signals about the possibility of such actions by Hamas, but it’s too early to talk about it,” Korniychuk said.

He noted that in Ukraine there is widespread interest in how the Russians passed from Crimea through Chongar at the beginning of the great war, and therefore the same questions will arise in Israel.

β€œI think this will be investigated publicly and we will learn a lot of new things. This is really a shock for everyone. This has not happened in the last 50 years. We will hear the explanation of the intelligence services and the military,” the diplomat said.

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Source: liga.net


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