Lockheed Martin tested a new system. It will allow you to hit moving targets with HIMARS | News of Ukraine


The United States has tested a prototype missile communications system that will allow HIMARS to hit moving targets. About it reported in the press service of the manufacturing company Lockheed Martin.

This is a test of the Remote Interceptor Guidance – 360 (RIG-360) communication channel, which provides targeted updates to the data transmission channel on rocket system ammunition.

The data transmission line was carried out inside the aircraft, repeating the trajectory of the rocket from surface to surface.

It is noted that the new system will make it possible to conduct high-precision fire at long distances and receive target updates in flight to accurately hit moved or mobile targets.

“This proof of concept aims to enable the Army to deliver deep strike with offensive fires against moving targets in contested environments, a critical potential for increasing agility in the U.S. Army’s connected network and allowing our customers to stay ahead of evolving threats,” said company vice president Scott Arnold.

  • Earlier, The Telegraph wrote that the US President’s team Joe Biden plans to ask Congress for the largest aid package in history for Ukraine, the amount could reach $100 billion.
  • However, according to US legislators, $100 billion is the β€œceiling”, but in reality such a package could be from $50 billion.
  • NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg: Israel will not interfere with the Alliance’s support for Ukraine. These are not words, but deeds.

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