Lukashenko answered whether he will help Putin with cannon fodder

Lukashenko answered whether he will help Putin with cannon fodder

According to the European Parliament, Lukashenko should be held responsible before the International Tribunal for the aid already provided to Russia.

Lukashenko replied, Will he help Putin with cannon fodder / photo Lukashenko replied, Will he help Putin with cannon fodder / photo

The unrecognized president of Belarus, Oleksandr Lukashenko, has assured that he will not involve the manpower of the country’s armed forces in the war waged by Russia against Ukraine, as this will not help the Russians to solve existing problems.

“This is nonsense. If we get directly involved in this conflict with the armed forces, with manpower, we will not add anything to it, but on the contrary, we will make it worse. This is not the role of Belarus in this conflict. Although I have never denied that we do not take part in a special military operation, in many directions. But we don’t get involved, we don’t kill anyone, we don’t introduce manpower there. Because it’s not necessary. Our Armed Forces, well, how many of them can we use there, 35-40 thousand, they won’t solve the problem.” , he said in a comment to journalists, writes “Belta”.

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Russia has deployed Iskander and S-400 missile complexes in Belarus - Air ForceThe Armed Forces reported how Russia will use the S-300 missiles after they are exported from Belarus

Lukashenko said that it is necessary to “negotiate sensibly and talk about peace” with Russia, and accused Ukraine of refusing to negotiate.

The position of the European Parliament regarding the participation of Belarus in the war against Ukraine

On Thursday, November 24, the European Parliament adopted a resolution in which it stated that it supports the position of the Belarusian democratic opposition that Belarus should be recognized as an occupied territory.

The EP also insists that Russian troops should be immediately withdrawn from the territory of Belarus.

“Parliament strongly condemns the participation of Lukashenko’s government in Russia’s war against Ukraine. The resolution emphasizes that the Belarusian regime shares responsibility with Russia for war crimes in Ukraine, for which it must bear responsibility before the International Tribunal and the International Criminal Court,” the press service reports. of the European Parliament.

In addition, the members of the European Parliament call on the EU countries and the European Commission to impose the same sanctions on Belarus that they imposed on Russia, to support Belarusian independent news agencies.

Participation of Belarus in the war against Ukraine

Russia places its troops and equipment on the territory of Belarus, launches its missiles and aircraft from here.

In early October, Lukashenko admitted that his country was participating in a “Russian special military operation”, but refused to send Belarusian soldiers to Ukraine.

On October 10, the pseudo-president announced the deployment of a joint group of troops of Belarus and the Russian Federation. As experts predict, its formation will last until the middle of winter, and it will be managed by the General Staff of the Russian Federation.

The General Staff of the Armed Forces expects that the enemy will attempt armed provocations on the state border. Also, Ukrainian intelligence reported on the plans of the Russian special services to carry out a number of terrorist acts on the objects of critical infrastructure in Belarus, including the nuclear power plant.

At the same time, Ukraine is building a reinforced concrete fence with barbed wire on the border with Belarus.

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