Lukashenko will continue to provide Russia with airspace for Putin's nominal support, - ISW

Lukashenko will continue to provide Russia with airspace for Putin’s nominal support, – ISW

This is reported by the American Institute for the Study of War (ISW).

Lukashenko is likely to continue giving Russian forces access to Belarusian airspace to show Putin at least nominal support.

ISW notes that the probability of direct participation of Belarus in the war in Ukraine remains low due to the influence that could change the stability and even the survival of the Lukashenka regime.

Experts also report that Russian troops did not launch offensive operations in the southern direction and focused on maintaining their defensive positions. The occupiers continued to launch air, artillery and missile strikes along the entire southern contact line.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian troops struck Russian ammunition depots and command posts in Kherson and Zaporizhzhia region. The occupiers moved the place of unloading of military equipment from Oleshok to Radensk – away from Kherson, probably in response to increased strikes by the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Russian military infrastructure in the city and its surroundings.

With reference to the ex-adviser of the head of Kherson OV, Serhii Khlan, ISW reported that Russian troops are preparing for hostilities in the city in case the Ukrainian counteroffensive reaches Kherson, and have strengthened security and filtering measures around the city.

Other theses from ISW

  • Russian troops launched limited and unsuccessful ground offensives northwest of Slovyansk and west of the city of Donetsk.

  • The Russians continued air and artillery strikes on Siversk and Bakhmut.

  • Russian troops carried out localized ground assaults northwest of the city of Kharkiv.

  • The occupiers continued to focus on defensive operations along the entire Southern Axis.

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