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French President Emmanuel Macron and the head of China Xi Jinping in a telephone conversation they discussed Russia’s war against Ukraine and military operations in the Middle East. This is stated in the press release Elysee Palace and in material from the agency Reuters .

The statement notes that Macron β€œemphasized France’s continued support” for Ukraine and called on the Chinese authorities to β€œmaintain dialogue” with Kiev.

β€œThe President of the Republic expressed France’s continued support for Ukraine, which is opposing Russia’s war of aggression, and also expressed deep concern at reports of military cooperation between Russia and North Korea,” the statement said.

The French President also briefed Xi on the mobilization of efforts to provide humanitarian assistance to the civilian population of the Gaza Strip.

According to Reuters, the Chinese leader also said the country is ready to promote positive developments in relations between China and the EU, as ties have been strained over a range of issues, ranging from the EU’s desire to reduce supply chain dependence on China to the war in Ukraine.

“China and the European Union should remain partners for mutually beneficial cooperation,” he said.

Also according to the publication, China wants more French companies to invest in the country and hopes that France will provide a fair business environment for Chinese firms.

  • On November 8, 2023, it was reported that the French government plans to provide 200 million euros to the Ukraine support fund in order to enable the Ukrainian army to continue purchasing equipment from French manufacturers.
  • November 14, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Zaluzhny had a telephone conversation together with the Chief of the Joint Staff of the French Armed Forces, Army General Burkar.
  • November 15 US President Biden and the Chinese leader met for the first time in a year. During the negotiations, three specific agreements were reached: Ukraine was one of many issues in the negotiations.

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